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Your Guide To Staging Your Home During The Holidays

Are you dreaming of selling your home this holiday season? Selling your home during the holidays is a great idea since there are fewer homes on the market and therefore less competition. However, you'll need to stage your home so that it looks subtle and tasteful, with just the right amount of holiday touches. Finding that balance can be tricky!
Luckily, our team has helped many families sell and stage their homes, and that includes during the holidays! Our real estate agents have prepared the following tips to help you this holiday season.

1. Decorate with subtle holiday touches

Don't go all out and compete with your neighbors on having the most holiday decorations when your home is for sale. Instead, try to embrace the theory of "less is more." Use tasteful items like an evergreen wreath on the door or a pinecone centerpiece to give your home a holiday touch without overdoing it.

2. Complement your existing color palette

As you choose a few holiday items to decorate with, keep your existing color palette in mind. For example, if your walls are a calm, soothing color, don't make them clash with red and green décor. Instead, use a silver glass-ball wreath or a similar touch.

3. Clean and declutter

As with any time of the year, you should clean and declutter your home before it's shown to buyers. Otherwise, even a few tasteful holiday decorations will add to the sense of overcrowding.

4. Make your home's vibe cozy

Create a cozy, welcoming atmosphere that will make prospective buyers want to linger for longer in your home and remember it in a positive way. Try baking cookies and leaving a fresh supply on the counter along with some chilled bottles of water, or let some great-smelling cider simmer on the stove.

5. Make sure your tree doesn't overwhelm the space

If you have a Christmas tree, make sure it's not too big. This could make the room that it's in look small. Choose a skinny tree if you have a small room, and decorate it with a tasteful, cohesive theme.

6. Turn up the heat

Ensure your home is warm and toasty by turning the heat up a few degrees or making a fire in the fireplace. If your home is too chilly, potential buyers may think there's something wrong with your HVAC system. This will also encourage them to spend time in your home as they get out of the cold.

7. Don't forget curb appeal

It can be harder, but not impossible, to create curb appeal for your home during the holidays. Hang an evergreen wreath on your front door while adding a bow if you'd like to increase its impact. And even though your lawn and plants may be dormant, that doesn't mean your home has to be devoid of any color and greenery. Try putting winterberry plants in your landscaping or in containers on your porch. They add a lively touch of green plus a pop of red.

8. Don't forget the bathrooms

Add some holiday scents and touches to your bathrooms to make them more interesting. Trying putting out some peppermint-scented soaps and candles, and if you'd like, add some holiday towels.
Contact Us at Fletcher Bright Realty if you'd like to find out more about Chattanooga homes for sale or would like to sell your house. We can help you find the right home for you and help you stage your home during the holidays.

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