Say Goodbye To Drafty Windows With This Guide

As the air goes from crisp to downright chilly, the struggle over how to stay comfortable without overworking the furnace begins. Neighbors brag about how long they held out before turning on the heat, and the thermostat wars pit the cold-tolerant against those who swear they're getting frostbite. But you can keep your home warm without high heating bills this season by preventing drafts. Leaky windows can mean that a portion of your heating costs is literally flying out of the window. Stop drafts, and you stop heating the outdoors. If new windows aren't in the budget, be sure to use these tips to make your windows less drafty this winter.

1. Caulk the Line

Caulk seals the small gaps around a window frame with a material that is airtight and flexible, but over time, caulk can degrade. Examine the spot between the window frame and the wall and the inner part of the window frame, and the window sashes for shrunken or crumbling caulk. Replacing the caulk around a window takes minutes, and fresh caulk is a minor touch that makes your home look well cared for, something our real estate agents deeply appreciate.

2. Don't Forget Weatherstripping

Closing the gap between window sashes and jambs is a job for self-adhesive weatherstripping. It goes on in seconds and is easy to change as the foam wears down. You can make a day project out of re-caulking and weatherstripping your windows as the weather turns cool.

3. Use Shrink Film

Sealing windows with shrink film will stop drafts cold, but as it means you can't open the window, it's best reserved for the chilliest part of winter. The insulation is often sold in kits, requires few tools, and sealing your windows is a great weekend project for the transition from fall to winter. If you have a hairdryer, you can install shrink-film insulation.

4. A Bit of Bubbly

Have some bubble wrap left over from all the online shopping? In a pinch, bubble wrap will stop difficult drafts when a sudden cold snap strikes. It's also a good choice for older windows or an unusual shape.

5. Utilize the Curtains

Thermal curtains help seal out drafts while cleverly disguising themselves as a part of your home decor. They are lined with a material that prevents drafts from coming through, and the opacity of the material blocks light from passing through, which will help everyone get better sleep at night. As insulation, they will help stabilize your home's temperature year-round.

6. Pay Attention to the Base of Your Window

For drafts at the base of the window, a window snake may be all you need. They're made of an insulating material and come in various styles to match any aesthetic. They add a personal but practical touch and are easy to move from room to room.
For homebuyers searching during the winter, the warmth they're seeking in a new home may be both aesthetic and literal. You'll want the warmth of yours to stand out among the Chattanooga homes for sale.
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