Should You Upgrade Your Kitchen Appliances In The New Year?

The New Year is a great time to make a fresh start, and that can include freshening up the look and functionality of your home. If you're looking for ways to give your kitchen a more modern vibe, upgrading your appliances is an easy way to do it. It's especially important for homeowners with Chattanooga homes for sale to ensure their kitchen appliances look good and work properly. If you're tired of dealing with cooktop burners going on the fritz or a fridge that sounds like it's on its last legs, our real estate agents have some tips for determining whether you should upgrade your appliances.

Are Your Appliances Working?

Of course, one of the most common reasons that people replace appliances is because they stop working. The average life of kitchen appliances is about 10-15 years. If your stove, refrigerator, or dishwasher isn't working right, it's best to buy a new one before it completely breaks down. The last thing you need is for your refrigerator to conk out in the middle of summer, which can leave you scrambling to salvage the food inside.

Does Your Kitchen Need an Update?

If you want your kitchen to look more in sync with the times but you're not ready for a full-on renovation, buying nifty new appliances can do the trick. Stainless steel is a great way to make your kitchen shine. Not only that, "smart" appliances can bring technology you never dreamed of into your kitchen, from using wifi to regulate temperature to ultraviolet interior fridge lights that can kill germs and remove allergens.

Are Your Appliances Mismatched?

Let's face it, a white stove and stainless refrigerator do not make for a well-put-together look. If you're replacing appliances on a budget and need to do them one by one, start saving for the next one as soon as a new appliance is installed. A good way to save is to have funds from your paycheck direct deposited into a savings account. Even if it's only $20 a week, it adds up fast.

Do You Want to Sell Your Home?

A nice kitchen can sell a home. If you're putting your house on the market soon, it's a good idea to assess your kitchen appliance situation. Even if your kitchen doesn't have fancy countertops or new flooring, brand-new appliances can make it stand out from the crowd. Upgrading your kitchen appliances can make your home sell faster, and although you may be sad you won't get to use them for long, keep in mind that you'll have a whole new kitchen to use in your new abode, and you'll be up on the latest and greatest in appliance technology.
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