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What To Expect From A Home Inspection

No matter how carefully you examine a home during an open house or private viewing, there will be aspects of a home that a professional home inspector will be needed to identify. While a home inspection isn't always mandatory, getting a home professionally inspected will help you determine whether the house you have your eye on is truly ready for you to move in.
Home inspectors must be licensed in Tennessee and in many other states. It takes specialized training to identify various home building materials, learn current building codes, and spot specific signs of damage or deterioration. Our real estate agents want you to know what to expect when home inspectors are looking at Chattanooga homes for sale.

A Look Around

A home inspector will start with the outdoor spaces surrounding the house. They will examine the grading of the earth around the house. They will inspect the exterior walls and look for evidence of problems with the foundation visible from the outside. If it is safe to do so, they will inspect the roof. They may recommend a separate inspector for the roof if examining the roof requires special equipment to safely access. They will also look at the exterior of the windows to make sure they are securely installed.

A Closer Look

The home inspector will examine the structures and systems of the home. They'll look for signs of damage to the interior walls, ceilings, and floors. They will test electrical outlets and examine plumbing for signs of leaks. A home inspector will check the HVAC system and examine the water heater to make sure they are in good working order and note signs of poor maintenance or dysfunction. A home inspection will include special attention to the bathroom and kitchen, to ensure they are properly ventilated and that electrical outlets are placed at a proper distance from water lines.

What Home Inspectors Can't Do

Home inspectors cannot perform repairs or alter property in any way. Because of this, they cannot examine wall interiors, the inside of pipes, or any aspect of a home that requires cutting into any material part of the home's structure. A home inspector may know the price range for a given repair, but that should not be taken as an official estimate. A home inspector can estimate how long certain materials may last or how long certain types of damage can persist without causing serious problems, but a contractor or other specialist will have to directly examine the problem to give a reliable timeline for needed repairs.

From the Home Seller Perspective

For home sellers, an inspection will prevent unpleasant surprises should your home be more of a fixer-upper than something ready for a new family. You'll need to provide full access to your home, and you'll have the option of deciding to repair problems, selling the home as-is, or a mix of the two. Knowing what's going on with your home will help you position it for the best possible sale.
Ultimately, an expert opinion could save you thousands in unexpected repairs or help you set a price that will attract the buyers most interested in your home. If you have any questions about home inspection, please contact us today.

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