The Search Is Over! 9 Signs You've Found Your Dream Home

You've done your homework. You've been pre-approved. Now, you want to be one of this year's 5 million homebuyers. Finding your dream home takes patience, research, and a little luck. Whether you buy the first or 50th home you view, use the list below crafted by our agents to help determine that the search is over, and you've found the home of your dreams.

1. The House Matches Your Checklist

Before starting your search, you probably made a personal checklist of your dream home. Depending on your lifestyle, the list may include the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen area, home office, and backyard space. The house matches everything (or almost everything) that is on your list.

2. An Instant Feeling of Home

After viewing numerous houses, you realize this is the only one that embraces the feeling of being home. Using your intuition is essential in finding the right home for you. Do you get the overall sense you are home? Then, the house is the one for you.

3. Fits Your Budget

Remember to stay within your budget! No matter the number of other listings in your budget, you keep returning to one particular home that stands out.

4. Right Location

The location of the house is perfect for you. When looking at homes, the community is always a priority. The house matches your needs for commutes, public transportation, or neighborhood activities.

5. You Are Already Decorating Inside and Out

Before placing an offer, you are already decorating the home. The empty walls are calling for new paint and customized décor. Each room comes alive in your mind with the arrangement of furniture and other details. Starting with the interior design to the outdoor landscape, you can view the home's entire appearance.

6. You Find the Minor Flaws Endearing

Is the second bathroom smaller than you wanted? Or does the kitchen need upgrading? Every house on the market will have its own set of minor flaws. If you are willing to overlook the little imperfections and instead are thinking of opportunities for improvement, the home is a match.

7. You Share Your Excitement for the House

The excitement you have cannot be contained! You immediately begin sharing all the amenities of the home with your family and friends.

8. You Cannot Wait to Entertain

When you stand in the middle of the house, you immediately envision future events. You can easily see birthday parties, holidays, or family gatherings in the home. The idea of bringing friends and family into this particular house is a good sign.

9. You No Longer Want to Look at Other Houses

When the desire to look at other houses is gone, it's a pretty good sign the search is over!
The ongoing search for your dream home can be both exciting and frustrating. Need some help with your search? Our team can tell you more about Chattanooga homes for sale! Contact Us today.

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