7 Helpful Tips For Moving With Pets

Moving is a stressful experience, and it's even more so when you have pets. You have the added responsibility of looking out for their well-being, managing their anxiety, and making sure they settle happily into their new home.
Our agents suggest the following 7 tips for moving with pets:

1. Check Rules and Regulations for Your New Home

Counties, cities, and states have rules and regulations that govern pet ownership. You'll need to bring documentation showing that your pet has been vaccinated and check to see whether your pet needs to be licensed in your new home. You'll also need to know about any other applicable laws, such as leash laws, that will apply to your pet.

2. Get Your Pet Microchipped

If your pet doesn't already have a microchip, ask your veterinarian to implant one under his or her skin. (If you adopted your pet from an animal shelter, they probably already have a chip.) That way, if your pet is scared and runs out the door at your current or new home, a veterinarian or other pet care professional can scan the chip and identify you as the owner.

3. Set Out Your Pet Carriers

Transport your pets in carriers for their safety as well as your own. Set the carriers out in your current home a few days before your move and stock them with a familiar blanket, toy, and a few treats to make them comfortable for your pets. This way, they'll hopefully spend some time in the carriers so the space will seem less stressful when it's time to get in for the move.

4. Secure Your Pets

Keep your pets in a carrier or crate as boxes are moved in and out of your house. Since doors will be opened frequently, it's easy for your pets to race out the door. You can also ask a friend or family member who they're familiar with to stay close to them and make sure they stay calm.

5. Pet-Proof Your New Home

Carefully inspect your new home before letting your pets roam in it unsupervised. Look at things from their point of view, both from ground level and from where they might be able to jump up. Make sure windows and doors that lead to the outside are closed in your new home and look for potential hazards such as drapery cords.

6. Quality Time

Having you around will help them feel more safe and secure in their new surroundings. Try and get your pet back in their routine to help ease any anxiety they might be experiencing.

7. Find Pet Services in Your New Community

If you've moved into a new community, ask your neighbors or co-workers for recommendations for a new veterinarian, groomer, or pet supply store. This is much better than waiting for an emergency and then having to find a new vet quickly.
Contact us for more moving tips, and we'll make suggestions that can help make your move easier for you and your pets. And if you're just starting to think about moving, we've handled many Chattanooga homes for sale and can help you sell yours.

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